All That You Wanted To Know About Steroid Cycles And Stacks

Posted by livemercy on March 15, 2018 in Steroid Cycles |

For anyone who is new to bodybuilding, taking steroids to bulk up and for getting all those attractive ‘cuttings’ could also mean a lot of confusion. This is so because there are several things involved.

Firstly, they should know about best steroid cycles, which basically means the frequency at which the steroids need to be taken. They should also get to know about steroid stack, which is the term used to describe the different combinations of various steroids that need to be taken for bodybuilding purposes.

Understanding ‘cycles’

When it comes to steroid cycles, it is advised that people should opt for a mix of ‘on cycles’, which is the time during which they are taking steroids and ‘off cycles’, which as the name suggests is the time when they are not taking them. This kind of gap in between the periods that they are taking steroids ensures that they maximize the body’s chance to build muscle and makes for good steroids cycles.

Seek expert opinion

It is important to know that initially the body may detest the sudden changes brought about by the steroid use. This phase could continue for a few days until it gets used to the steroids. It is therefore advised in your best interest that you get to train under the watchful eyes of a bodybuilding expert, for they will be aware of the exact changes that taking such supplements could bring about in the body. The exact duration of a steroid cycle is also best decided by a professional bodybuilding trainer.

Gender specific

A lot of people tend to think that men and women require the same amount of steroids. Nothing could be farther from truth. When it comes to the list of steroids that are recommended for women, they are far less than what are recommended for men. This is because of the far more complex physiology and anatomy of a woman’s body and therefore the best steroid stack for both the genders differ significantly.
Usually in the case of women, smaller doses, as well as shorter cycles are the best way to go about the process. This will ensure that they don’t show tell-tale symptoms of the usage of steroids such as deepening voice or excessive body hair.

Different purposes

Those who want to take steroids should also remember that they are not just about bulking up, for different steroid stacks are meant for different purposes. For example, some of the best steroid stacks are exclusively meant for development of strength. Then there are stacks which will help you develop lean muscle. If you are someone looking for that shredded look, then you have a different set of stacks that are available. It is therefore important that you are clear about your choice. This will help you find the right combination.

Start slowly and gradually

It is usually recommended for beginners that they take a lower dosage over short cycles. This will ensure that there are very low chances of any adverse side effect. This would be the best steroid cycle for beginners.

Moreover, it is also recommended that they add one steroid at a time to their stack. This will safeguard against the adverse effects of steroid. Adhering to these steps will also help you if you decide to stop using steroids.