Clenbuterol Weight Loss: Things To Keep In Mind

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Athletes often take recourse to Clenbuterol steroid when they need to shed weight quickly. The steroid comes with thermogenic properties which aid in quick weight loss. Typically, anabolic steroid users who want to build lean body mass at the same time they are also looking to bring down their body fat percentage drastically and at a quick rate, go for Clenbuterol steroid cycle. The drug is not too commonly used by light or recreational users but most often by professional athletes and bodybuilders. Clenbuterol also comes with strong bronchodilator properties and are often used to treat breathing disorders. However, athletes normally use Clenbuterol steroids as a fast weight loss tool.

Clenbuterol Weight Loss

So how exactly does Clenbuterol aids in your weight loss goal? Well, Clenbuterol is what is called in medical jargon a beta-receptor drug. This means that the drug comes with properties that work to stimulate the beta 2 receptors in our body. This results in strong increase in metabolic rate since stimulated beta-2 receptors serve to enhance lipolysis. There are also a number of other drugs, among them Albuterol and Salbuterol, which are able to perform these functions. However, there is a distinct advantage that Clenbuterol enjoys over these other drugs which is that it comes with a long half-life and this serves to make it much more potent as a weight loss tool than drugs such as ephedrine, albuterol or salbuterol.

However, before you fall head on over using Clenbuterol tablets or Clenbuterol pills to achieve your weight loss goals, you are strongly advised to note that use of clen comes with its own array of side effects. The most light and common, and the least harmful, symptoms include getting jitters, involuntary twitches and tics in muscles and involuntary shaking of hands. However, if someone uses the drug for an extended period, he becomes extremely susceptible to suffer from increased heart rate and high blood pressure. Clenbuterol is also known to have caused cardiac hypertrophy in extreme scenarios.

Therefore, clen should only be used in situations where other common weight loss programmes (such as workouts, diet control and so on) are not able to make you achieve your weight loss goal. And if you are using clen, it is highly important that you observe proper caution. This includes routinely monitoring your blood pressure values and your heart rate and keep records in a special chart.

The dosage range for Clenbuterol is 20 mcg-140 mcg per day. First time users should strictly keep to the minimum dosage at the beginning of a cycle and may consider increasing it in a slow and gradual manner. However, under no circumstances you should go over the 140 mcg/day ceiling. Once that point is reached, it is time to end the current cycle and you will need to wait for the next cycle to begin.

Clen for Sale

When you buy Clenbuterol aka Clen for sale, you must make sure that you are purchasing only from a reputed dealer. This is even more important if you are planning to buy Clenbuterol online. Many online retailers advertise Clenbuterol for sale on their websites, but only buy clen from trusted online retailers with high ratings on customer review platforms.